7 Shocking Stats & Trends About The Internet.

If you are involved in an Internet business, or just curious about where the Internet is heading, this infographic will interest you.

If you’re involved in a startup, it’s important to analyze major trends that are likely to make an impact in the next few years. For example, you could look for the emerging tech that might give you a strategic business advantage if you’re an early adopter.

So here you go, we present to you our latest infographic — Seven Shocking Stats & Trends about the Internet.


7 Shocking Stats & Trends About the Internet Infographic


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Shark Attack. [infographic]

Shark Attack“, a striking infography on the comparison between the number of humans killed by sharks each year, and the number of sharks killed by humans every hour! Sharks are mainly hunted for their fins, and often returned alive to the sea after their fins cut. An odious practice that led to the deaths of nearly 100 million sharks each year… An infographic created by Joe Chernov and Robin Richards.



Sources  Joe Chernov / Robin Richards / via