Day: 11/17/2011

Incase Terra Bags

Incase Terra Bags are built using natural materials β€” includes three laptop sleeves in 11-, 13-, and 15-inch sizes, a tote bag, and the Campus Pack backpack.






Beats by Dr. Dre

I am a huge fan of beats by dr. Dre headphone So Check out the brand new headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre called Beats Executive – for those who demand the best, the executive is in a class all its own. Features include noise cancellation, brushed metal finish, automatic shutoff feature to save battery life and pure, crisp audio integrity with soaring highs, deep bass, and true mids.



This tiny jellyfish can kill you within 20 minutes!!

The Irukandji jellyfish is a tiny species of jellyfish that lives in the waters of Australia. Although they’re usually no more than 1 cubic centimiter in volume, they can be extremely poisonous.

What makes them deadly is that they can fire their stingers into their victim. If you get stung, you develop something called the Irukandji syndrome. If left untreated, this syndrome may cause the victim to go into cardia arrest and die within 20 minutes!

Since they’re so tiny, it was originally dificult to determine what caused the syndrome. So in 1964 a (very dedicated) doctor decided to prove that it was the tiny jellyfish’s making by capturing and letting himself get stung

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