Frankie965 Blog EXCLUSIVE interview with – BOBBY ADAN –

B O B B Y —- A D A N


Since my good friend Logan Adam Jackson told me about him I became a fan of his music & his awesome personality 🙂 I got the chance to have a Short interview with BOBBY ADAN on twitter and he was really Amazing 😉

But before the interview!! Here’s Bobby’s Biography to get to know him better 🙂

Colorado based Bobby Adan has established not only a following in the USA, but Japan, The UK, and other booming music meccas of the world! Chicago-Latino born Bobby, relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue an entertainment career along with likes of Atlanta-grown stars like Usher, Toni Braxton, TLC, and Pink. In Atlanta, Bobby was able to connect with Don Philip (Duet with Britney Spears on “I Will Still Love You”) and thanks to Don’s help, later secured a record deal with none other than mega R&B producer Manuel Seal. Shortly thereafter Bobby began working on his Pop/R&B debut album (on iTunes & Amazon MP3 now worldwide) Bobby was soon doing several radio station shows, and singing National Anthem’s for sold out NFL games all around the country! Bobby even got a dream gig opening up for R&B princess Ashanti on tour along with Paula DeAnda, Brooke Hogan, Kat Deluna, & Shontelle. Bobby has been appearing on Top Radio through out the US and even on TV networks such as Fox, E!, and recently MTV. Bobby continues to write and record new music with exciting up-and-comer international producer, SPURZ, and has JUST released his new original world-wide iTunes single “LIGHT IT UP!”
Check Him out ::

And now the little interview I did with him, YES it was short but he was nice enough to answer my boring Questions 🙂

Frankie965 : Do you have time for an interview for my blog

Bobby Adan : for you ….. YES =P

Frankie965 : First of all thank you so much :*

Q: #1 ( When Did you first Started Singing )

Bobby Adan : OF COURSE =P
Started at 2 years old, But professionally when I turned 14 and moved to Atlanta where the players play.

Frankie965 : Q #2 ( Who are your music inspirations ?)

Bobby Adan : Michael Jackson , Mariah Carey , Brandy , Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

Frankie965 : Q #3( Do you play any instruments ? )

Bobby Adan : I played alto saxophone in school , but alas, the Kenny G in me never took off. Singing/Voice only.

Frankie965 : Q #3 ( What embarrassing song I might find on your iPod ?)

Bobby Adan : Oh Gawd! Um… “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party” By vocalist and Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciack lol! *hides in shame*

Frankie965 : Q #5 ( What genre of music you can’t stand to listen to ? )

Bobby Adan : I sincerely do like all types of music if it’s audibly appealing to my ears, but I’d have today the genre I loath is Metal.

Frankie965 : I really enjoyed interviewing you Bobby =] THANKS AGAIN
Do you have any last words you’d like to say :))

Bobby Adan : Yes, Please check me out & Drugs are bad, make sure to smile it makes you more attractive to people.


And that was my interview that i did with the awesome BOBBY ADAN 🙂
He was nice enough to give me something really exclusive ( can’t tell what ) & he sent me a picture with the blogs name on his Chest So sweet of him 😉



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