Redbull Headquarters in Amsterdam

Red bull gives you wings!!

After several months of construction, Red Bull’s Dutch subsidiary, Red Bull Netherlands, has settled into its new headquarters on the North side of Amsterdam’s Port area. The almost 1000 square-meter (about 10,763 square feet) office is part of the 7800 square-meter (83,958 square feet) Media Wharf complex at the NDSM Wharf, on the shores of the river IJ.

I’m sure the staff will be flying all over this place.


The office was designed by Sid Lee Architecture of Montreal and Amsterdam. The theme of the space is duality and polarity — reason and intuition, light and dark, art and business, public and private.


Much of the space is undefined, seemingly unfinished, with a feel of street culture and the rough edges of the shipyard’s past echoed in the design.


Red Bull Netherlands’s director Jan Smilde was quoted as saying that the company wanted a location with an entrepreneurial spirit where they would have the freedom to develop innovative ideas and events.





-Breathtaking Architecture- Amazing…


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