Photography by Caleb Charland.

Notes from the artist (from Michael Mazzeo Gallery):

Caleb Charland has been playing with matches for as long as I’ve known him and probably since he was a child. He’s also been playing with power tools, fireworks, electricity and bacteria, among other things. This comes as no surprise if you know that his childhood summers in Maine were spent, not swimming and playing with friends, but wielding tools and working on the house with his father. Driven by a fascination with utilitarian objects and a tenacious curiosity for the fundamental forces of nature, his photographs provide us with a visual proof of his inquiries and observations. Charland is the artist as engineer, scientist, inventor and magician.In Charland’s latest body of work, he takes his performances out of the studio, adopting environmental settings. Silhouette with Matches represents the accumulation of a simple action, lighting a match and tossing it in the air, repeated hundreds of times over the course of an evening. Only by compressing time into a single image could this temporal event be documented in such a dramatic fashion.






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