Kokeshi – The Ultra Cute Japanese Matches.

The Japanese brand Kokeshi offers some ultra-cute matchboxes created by artist Kumi Hirasaka, where the end of each match is decorated with a small face, head of chick or dog, panda, rabbit and so on… The problem with this kawaii Japanese gadget is to find the courage to scratch one!


kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-1 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-2 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-3 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-4 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-5 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-6 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-7 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-8 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-9 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-10 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-11 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-12 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-13 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-14 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-15 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-16 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-17 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-18 kokeshi-allumettes-japonaises-19

Available Here :  Amazon Japon


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