World Of 100.

“The World of 100” is a infography series created by the graphic designer Toby Ng, based on the famous analogy “If the world were a village of 100 people“. 20 posters that highlight the differences in standards of living, religion, language, nutrition and education. A very visual way to make the statistics talk about the world we live in!

The-World-of-100-3 The-World-of-100-9 The-World-of-100-8 The-World-of-100-12 The-World-of-100-1 The-World-of-100-2 The-World-of-100-4 The-World-of-100-5 The-World-of-100-6 The-World-of-100-7 The-World-of-100-10 The-World-of-100-11 The-World-of-100-13 The-World-of-100-14 The-World-of-100-15 The-World-of-100-16 The-World-of-100-17 The-World-of-100-18 The-World-of-100-19 The-World-of-100-20

Images © Toby Ng


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