Things Come Apart – By Todd McLellan.

I already talked about the “Things Come Apart / Disassembly”  project by artist photographer Todd McLellan last week, who literally dissects everyday objects in order to expose their innards. Each object is first carefully disassembled in order to photograph every pieces flat in the manner of an anatomical chart, then photographer produces a picture of the object, as if frozen in a fantastic explosion… Here is a new series of his work where toaster, bike, chainsaw, smart-phone or computer explodes in front of the eye of Todd McLellan.

things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-2 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-1 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-8 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-7 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-4 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-3 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-6 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-5 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-10 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-9 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-12 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-11 things-come-apart-todd-mclellan-13

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