MUST WATCH: Mataerial – The Anti-Gravity 3D Printer.

Mataerial” is a new antigravity 3D printer concept imagined by Petr Novikov and Saša Jokic in collaboration with Joris Laarman Studio and IAAC. Using a plastic resin which solidifies instantly and a robotic arm, this new 3D printing method allow to overcome gravity and to replace the traditional method, layer by layer, by a construction based on 3D curves. “Mataerial” can also color the resin used, and use any surface as support, including vertical surface. For now in the prototype stage, this new kind of 3D printer could help to create solid and aerial objects!


And Frankie wants ONE!!

Mataerial-anti-gravity-3D-printer-2 Mataerial-anti-gravity-3D-printer-3 Mataerial-anti-gravity-3D-printer-4 Mataerial-anti-gravity-3D-printer-5 Mataerial-anti-gravity-3D-printer-6 Mataerial-anti-gravity-3D-printer-7 Mataerial-anti-gravity-3D-printer-8 Mataerial-anti-gravity-3D-printer-9 Mataerial-anti-gravity-3D-printer-10



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