Silhouette – Monochrome Photographs by Hengki Lee.

Checkout this amazing series of monochrome silhouettes by Indonesian photographer Hengki Lee, based in Jakarta. Having only started photography in 2009, this talented photographer offers us beautiful pictures, like chinese shadows, filled both of emotions, dreams and nostalgia… Hengki Lee has already won numerous awards for his work.

Hengki-Lee-photography-1 Hengki-Lee-photography-2 Hengki-Lee-photography-3 Hengki-Lee-photography-4 Hengki-Lee-photography-5 Hengki-Lee-photography-6 Hengki-Lee-photography-7 Hengki-Lee-photography-8 Hengki-Lee-photography-9 Hengki-Lee-photography-10 Hengki-Lee-photography-11 Hengki-Lee-photography-12 Hengki-Lee-photography-13 Hengki-Lee-photography-14 Hengki-Lee-photography-15 Hengki-Lee-photography-16 Hengki-Lee-photography-17


Images © Hengki Lee


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