Lamborghini Survives Only One Day With Its New Owner.

This guy crashed his new Lamborghini 24 hours after he bought it.


lamborghini_survives_only_one_day_with_its_new_owner_640_03 lamborghini_survives_only_one_day_with_its_new_owner_640_04 lamborghini_survives_only_one_day_with_its_new_owner_640_05 lamborghini_survives_only_one_day_with_its_new_owner_640_06 lamborghini_survives_only_one_day_with_its_new_owner_640_07 lamborghini_survives_only_one_day_with_its_new_owner_640_08 lamborghini_survives_only_one_day_with_its_new_owner_640_09 lamborghini_survives_only_one_day_with_its_new_owner_640_10 lamborghini_survives_only_one_day_with_its_new_owner_640_11



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