Let me start off with HELLO!

I am Frankie!!
A Girl From Kuwait.
With A Very Special Purpose in Life…

You’re Probably Wondering What Does 965 Stand For ?
I’m not tellin’ because I’m sure you know what it means :p

Let me tell you about myself,

Blogger *DUH*
Part Time Superhero.
Open Minded. But When it Comes To Android… Please don’t make me start…!!
Extreme Liberal.
Music Enthusiast .*can’t live without music*
Big Fan Of Movies.*YES*
Been A Fan Of WWE Since I Was 5 Or 6.*Thank You Grandpa*
Exotic Foods Are One Of My Passions *KINDA*
I Have A Background in Fashion. *SORTA*
I’m Known For Liking Weird Stuff.*Oh Yeah*
I’m Not Afraid Of Trying New Things At All. *i mean it*
Gadgets User. *Of Course*
I Like Art And Architect.*Very Accurate*
Amateur Photographer. *Barley*

Last but not least…



      1. Lolzz, I guess Arabs don’t have that much knowledge. They have interests in camels and eagles and desert driving.Anyways you must be out of country for long time.:)

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