Frankie Likes : iCup.

تصميم رائع لكوب قهوة على شكل تفاحة شركة أپل الأسطورية  و لكن للأسف إنه مجرد فكرة و ليس حقيقي

Office coffee cup concept designed by Tomislav Zvonarić.

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تطور شعارات الشركات عبر الزمن

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The “Lost” Steve Jobs Time Capsule.

In 1983, Steve Jobs and his team who were attending a conference in Aspen, decided to bury a capsule that could be opened by future generations or roughly twenty years later. However, they forgot where the capsule was buried and therefore could not follow through with this plan. Recently, National Geographic’s TV Show, “Diggers” inadvertently discovered the capsule.



The 13-foot long, 1.5-foot-diameter tube is literally packed with hundreds of different items, many of which were thoughtfully placed inside plastic bags to help preserve them while underground. Due to the overwhelming smell of mold and the task of wading through so many artifacts, the team has elected to wait a day before they set out to locate the mouse and other relics.


Aside from the Lisa mouse, the only other known item in the capsule is a six-pack of beer. Harry Teague, who was the president of the conference, remembered putting a six-pack in the tube because he reckoned the guys that dig it up will be sweaty and will appreciate a six-pack.



Moving forward, the Diggers crew along with people from the Aspen Historical Society are planning to catalog each and every item in the tube with the goal of preserving them for potential public display.


Why Should Never Buy an iPad at a Chinese Radio Market.

A guy went to the Chinese market and was approached by a man selling an iPad.

The seller took the iPad out of a small bag to show that it was original and that it was working and told the guy he could buy it for half the price of a store-bought iPad at only $326 (2000 yuan).

When the guy said it was too expensive, the seller walked away but then came back to negotiate, eventually bringing the price down again to $245 (1500 yuan) (69 K.D)

This is what the buyer found when he took the iPad home….

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Frankie Likes: Real Tree Prints Anchor Sleeve for MacBook.

With the goal of creating detailed, timeless product, Vancouver-based Herschel Supply Co. has been producing quality bags, travel goods and accessories since 2009. The Anchor Sleeve is a two panel sleeve designed with a fully padded fleece lined interior offering full protection for all your 13-inch MacBook. Woven label on front. Available now in real tree prints



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