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Owen Dippie An AWESOME Street Artist. أوين ديپاي فنان شوارع مدهش

Owen Dippie is well known for his his large-scale painting. He typically will pain deceased celebrities like Heath Ledger and Biggie Smalls. His work can be found all over the world, but most recently he has been painting in New York City’s five boroughs. You can find our more about Owen Dippie on his Blogspot and Facebook pages.

 Owen-Dippie-001-12052013 Owen-Dippie-002-12052013 Owen-Dippie-003-12052013 Owen-Dippie-004-12052013 Owen-Dippie-005-12052013 Owen-Dippie-006-12052013 Owen-Dippie-007-12052013 Owen-Dippie-008-12052013 Owen-Dippie-009-12052013 Owen-Dippie-010-12052013 Owen-Dippie-011-12052013 SONY DSC Owen-Dippie-013-12052013 Owen-Dippie-014-08142009 Owen-Dippie-015-06242008


Beautiful Drawings by Pierre Yves Riveau.


Pierre Yves Riveau is a talented Illustrator, painter and graphic designer based in Nantes, France

.صور لأعمال پيير إيڤ ريڤو مصور و مصمم جرافيك،  موهوب ، مقره نانت في، فرنسا

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Sarah Rosado’s : “Dirty” Little Secrets.

 Sarah Rosado is a New York based illustrator and photographer, she discovered her passion for art at a very young age, she found herself scribbling drawings all over her notebook and everything she could get her hands on.


I am always looking at other artist’s work online and was impressed by many works that include images created with food, flowers and other objects. This motivated me to come up with my own ideas and create images using dirt. I have not seen this before and felt it would be challenging for me to come up with an idea to shape dirt into everyday objects and accessorize it to create a 3-D effect. Each image has it’s own meaning. Viewers can decide what they really see and what it means to them individually. Who knows, they may find some “dirty” little secrets.”  – Sarah Rosado.

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if you want to check out more of Sarah’s extraordinary artworks click HERE

Hyperrealism Drawings With Pencil by Karla Mialynne.

Her remarkable paintings are mostly created with watercolor pencils, colored markers and acrylic paint.

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Karla Mialynne

High Speed Flower Explosions by Martin Klimas.






German photographer Martin Klimas, creates breathtaking photos of flowers exploding into a million beautiful pieces. To achieve this effect, he soaks the petals in liquid nitrogen to make them brittle and hits the flower with an air gun.


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Dirty Art Car by Rafael Veyisov.




During work hours on one of the busiest streets of Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, parking attendant Rafael Veyisov wipes off the dust on cars with his fingers, slowly contouring the shapes of tall buildings and flying birds. In his artwork, he generally illustrates real towns to educate people about other countries, but sometimes he also lets his imagination run wild and produces impressive original works. Surprised by his talent, the car owners who regularly leave their vehicles in Rafael’s care, often leave them dirty just to give him an excuse to play around, and take photos of his beautiful artworks.

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Lego Anatomy by Jason Freeny

Lego Anatomy by Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny is well known for his dissection illustrations of toys,

showing the inner workings of just about every pop culture icon or toy out there.

His latest drool-worthy work is a trio of 18″ anatomical Lego men figures. You can see Jason’s entire creation process of these little masterpieces via his Facebook.

Lego Anatomy by Jason Freeny
Lego Anatomy by Jason Freeny
Lego Anatomy by Jason Freeny
Lego Anatomy by Jason Freeny
Lego Anatomy by Jason Freeny
Lego Anatomy by Jason Freeny
Lego Anatomy by Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny