Pop-Up Book Explores The Biggest Phobias.


Neerophobia : Fear of being buried alive.popup_book_explores_the_biggest_phobias_640_11

Coulrophobia : Fear of clownspopup_book_explores_the_biggest_phobias_640_10

Acrophobia :  Fear of heightspopup_book_explores_the_biggest_phobias_640_09

Archanophobia : Fear of spiders.popup_book_explores_the_biggest_phobias_640_08

Glossophobia : Fear of public speakingpopup_book_explores_the_biggest_phobias_640_07

Mysophobia : Fear of public bathroomspopup_book_explores_the_biggest_phobias_640_06

Claustrophobia : Fear of tight spaces.popup_book_explores_the_biggest_phobias_640_05

Ophidiophobia : Fear of snakes.popup_book_explores_the_biggest_phobias_640_04

Aerophobia : Fear of flying.popup_book_explores_the_biggest_phobias_640_03

Dentophobia : Fear of going to the dentist.



The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

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