Old Town Swimming Pool Converted into a Magnificent Museum for Tourists.

This swimming pool in the small town of Roubaix, France was closed in 1985 as a result of safety concerns. A vault under the pool was weakened from fifty years of supporting the weight of the water and the council believed it may collapse. Rather than closing down the beautiful Art  Deco building in which the pool was built, the pool was repaired and the building, La Piscine, was reopened to the public as a museum.

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Eau troublée

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Beautiful Drawings by Pierre Yves Riveau.


Pierre Yves Riveau is a talented Illustrator, painter and graphic designer based in Nantes, France

.صور لأعمال پيير إيڤ ريڤو مصور و مصمم جرافيك،  موهوب ، مقره نانت في، فرنسا

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It Looks Like Paris But Is It Really?

It Looks Like Paris But Is It Really?
 It Looks Like Paris But Is It Really?
 It Looks Like Paris But Is It Really?

You may think you are looking at photos of Paris but you are really looking at photos of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. This area is often called “Chinese Paris” and is a residential area built in 2007 to attract the country’s wealthier people. The town has only 2000 people living there as most people cannot afford the steep housing prices.

It Looks Like Paris But Is It Really?

 It Looks Like Paris But Is It Really?
 It Looks Like Paris But Is It Really?
 It Looks Like Paris But Is It Really?


Artist of the Day: Benoit Jammes – Cassette Tape Art.

i love featuring  talented artists on my blog, and today i introduce you to:

French artist Benoit Jammes, who transforms recycled audio cassette tapes into the most  beautiful and creative works of art.


Now this is called seeing ordinary things from artistic perspective.



This work on cassette tapes is entirely handmade, with a bit of work but so nostalgia… It so happened that I found a bunch of old cassettes at home; seeing them brought me back, in thought, to an earlier time, the 80s, and to me as a kid. In any case, I could not play them any more so resurrecting them sounded like a good idea…it was sound, it became visual! And I am pretty sure they are more happy now than in a shoebox 🙂


I think people from my generation relate to this work because many enjoy the funny side of it, the references. They are happy to see that these old cassette tapes managed to start a new life!” – Benoit Jammes.


Signed and numbered prints are available for sale.

You can follow him on FaceBook 

and also find him on Flickr