Slow Motion Water Balloon Fight With 1500 People.

To close YouTube Geek Week with a proper ‘SPLASH,’ British YouTubers The Slowmo Guys teamed up with special effects master Freddie Wong.

Using their Internet star powers, they managed to amass 1,500 fans to help pelt Gavin and Daniel in a storm of water balloons. All captured in super slow motion of course. In just moments, the two Brits are literally soaked to the bone.



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Making a Real Life-Size Wall-E Robot.

Who didn’t fall instantly fall in love with the adorable robot Wall-E when watching the popular Pixar film? The nerds at Tested sure did. So in honor of YouTube Geek Week the crew assembled a fully working remote control Walle-E robot, and explained all the ins and outs of the replica in this video.