Photo of the Day : Arial View of Amsterdam.



Picture of the Day



A close up of a caracal lynx’s face looking into a camera  in Western Cape, South Africa.

(Photo by Dale Morris/Barcroft Media)

تصاميم رائعة لأطراف صناعية

.سكوت سوميت، مصمم صناعي و هو الرجل وراء هذه الأطراف الصناعية الفريدة من نوعها

Scott Summit is an industrial designer and the man behind these one-of-a-kind prosthetics.

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Sarah Rosado’s : “Dirty” Little Secrets.

 Sarah Rosado is a New York based illustrator and photographer, she discovered her passion for art at a very young age, she found herself scribbling drawings all over her notebook and everything she could get her hands on.


I am always looking at other artist’s work online and was impressed by many works that include images created with food, flowers and other objects. This motivated me to come up with my own ideas and create images using dirt. I have not seen this before and felt it would be challenging for me to come up with an idea to shape dirt into everyday objects and accessorize it to create a 3-D effect. Each image has it’s own meaning. Viewers can decide what they really see and what it means to them individually. Who knows, they may find some “dirty” little secrets.”  – Sarah Rosado.

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if you want to check out more of Sarah’s extraordinary artworks click HERE

Ring of Life – The Amazing Metal Structure In Fushun China.

The Ring of Life is a 515-foot (approximately 157 meters) landmark built in the city of Fushun, China.
The landmark is built with an observation deck accessible by elevator, as well as 12,000 LED lights. Having abandoned local entertainment projects due to the small local population, urban planners settled on building a sightseeing landmark instead in order to attract a tourist industry to the region. The structure uses approximately 3,000 tons of steel and cost an estimated $16M U.S. dollars.
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Artist of the Day: Benoit Jammes – Cassette Tape Art.

i love featuring  talented artists on my blog, and today i introduce you to:

French artist Benoit Jammes, who transforms recycled audio cassette tapes into the most  beautiful and creative works of art.


Now this is called seeing ordinary things from artistic perspective.



This work on cassette tapes is entirely handmade, with a bit of work but so nostalgia… It so happened that I found a bunch of old cassettes at home; seeing them brought me back, in thought, to an earlier time, the 80s, and to me as a kid. In any case, I could not play them any more so resurrecting them sounded like a good idea…it was sound, it became visual! And I am pretty sure they are more happy now than in a shoebox 🙂


I think people from my generation relate to this work because many enjoy the funny side of it, the references. They are happy to see that these old cassette tapes managed to start a new life!” – Benoit Jammes.


Signed and numbered prints are available for sale.

You can follow him on FaceBook 

and also find him on Flickr