Frankie Likes: Humlan, The Wash And Wear Headphones.

“Humlan is a brand new concept in headphones from Urbanears. Just like your favorite T-shirt, Humlan’s headband and ear cushions can be removed and thrown in with the wash. Because Humlan belongs to the Urbanears family, it also comes with some handy features like the Zound Plug for instant music sharing, and a microphone and remote for picking up calls and hands-free talking.”

Urbanears-Humlan-Headphones-Indigo-01-930x930 Urbanears-Humlan-Headphones-Indigo-02-930x930 Urbanears-Humlan-Headphones-Indigo-03-930x930 Urbanears-Humlan-Headphones-Indigo-04-930x930 Urbanears-Humlan-Headphones-Indigo-05-930x930 Urbanears-Humlan-Headphones-Indigo-06-930x930 Urbanears-Humlan-Headphones-Indigo-07-930x930 Urbanears-Humlan-Headphones-Indigo-08-930x930 Urbanears-Humlan-Headphones-Indigo-09-930x930

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